Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kisah Aku ...

Salam To All!

Alright dude, this time I want to share with you all about my experience in 'Ghost Hunting' .. As we all know, ghost is a spirit of the dead..Which means, there's no sympathy for the dead as the band name's "Escape The Fate" sang a long time ago with their old vocalist name "Rodnie Radke" .. Ok, I'm not going tell you guys about this band but I'm going to tell you guys about my experience in ghost hunting..As everyone know, "GHOST" is a dead spirit that not completely leave this world..It is because of one reason, something that cannot be done while their still alive and still stepping on the ground..Example? Like, before they died, they want to married but didn't enough money and died before they can accomplished their wishes..It's something like that lah brah..Or, they want to become a coolest richers person in this world but cannot because they not handsome so they update..erm? Sorry, my mistake, so they upset then they do a suicide then died..

If you guys want to know ..  "GHOST" is a spirit....I think you all already knows right? Uh'uh .. FUCK YEAH! Ok, shoot-it-down..let's head back to our topic..what I'm going to write here is about my experience in ghost hunting..I want to share with you guys something that my Crew doesn't know..It's only me..I'm the only one that know about their society and charity...huh? Ghost do a charity? FUCK YEAH! Ok-Ok , no playing around anymore.. Let's head back to our topic..Ghost Invader...Erm, sorry? What is our topic actually..? Great, now I'm totally forgot..."GHOST INVADER" or "GHOST HUNTING" ..? Which one???? Fuck! I hate it when it me plak tuh..Shial la, ptuih!!!

Ah! Just forget it! Just go to sleep and have a nice fucking romantic dream in your dream...dreamers!!!
I'm about to jump from the building that 100 feet high from the sea...And then I'll become the Ghost Of Spirit...Erm....Spirit Of Ghost...Huh!?? Shit!!!!

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